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The NUFLO MC-III WP weatherproof flow totaliser offers state-of – the-art measurement of liquid and gas using data recording and Modbus ® communication with a weatherproof totalizer that is easy to use. Our weather resistant NUFLO MC-III WP Flow Total Capable of recording up to 384 daily flow logs, 768 hour logs and 345 event logs is a powerful addition to any flow measurement operation.

CAMERON MC-III WP Flow Analyzer Specifications

The weatherproof flux totalizer of the NUFLO MC-III WP can be easily configured with a 6-button keyboard on the front of the instrument. Incorporated shortcuts to common features reduce on-site user time. Also connected to our turbine meters or preamplifier is our NUFLO MC-III WP totalizer.  Users can choose a 4 to 85 mA frequency output, a pulse output or an extended flow meter for the calculation of flow and volume by remote equipment. A full range of gas and fluid measurement capabilities and high-speed capabilities as well as log archiving and recovery capabilities are packaged in a weather resistant to usable totalizer. The NuFloTM MC-IIITMWP flow analyser.

Commonly used operation is possible to calibrate or configure your device quickly and easily from the front of the six-button key pad or the vibrating display software.  The MC-III WP calculates and displays immediate stream prices as well as amounts acquired on the basis of the turbine flow meter input. The MC-III microprocessor circuitry counts the pulses generated by the flux meter, converts the data to volume and rate levels by calibration settings, and displays overall data on the two-line LCD display. The eight-digit top reading shows the total volume of flow; a six-digit bottom reading shows the rate of flow. By pressing a single key, the total values are saved in non-volatile memory, minimizing the risk of data lost even when there is an outage in power.